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By Presou 2024-04-08

Express service

1. We have rich experience, more than 10 years of express delivery experience, every week we will send express packages from China to the world for our customers. 2. We have cooperated with many international express companies, such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX and so on. We can match our customers with shipping solutions from different courier companies at favorable prices. 3. It can meet the transportation needs of different customers. If your goods are not general goods and are relatively sensitive,

By Presou 2024-04-08


1. Provide professional consulting services to customers. Before placing an order, customers can inquire with our company whether the product can be exported smoothly, whether it is sensitive or dangerous goods, and whether certificates, such as MSDS and transportation appraisal reports, need to be provided. After our professional answers, the customer will decide whether to place an order with the supplier. 2. After placing an order, if multiple shippers of the customer are located in Ningbo, Q