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By Presou 2024-04-08

Air freight door-door

1. Receive the customer’s instructions, bring the goods to our warehouse, and pack the goods. 2. Book a flight and select the nearest flight. 3. Start to deal with the export declaration and documents of the goods. 4. Arrange the goods on the plane after customs clearance. 5. After the goods arrive at the destination, the agent will clear the goods uniformly. Generally, it takes 1-2 days for customs clearance. If it goes well, it can be processed on the same day. 6. After customs clearanc

By Presou 2024-04-08


1. Communicate the details with the customer, then arrange the nearest port with the best price, and then we will get in touch with the shipper according to the customer??s instructions for follow-up docking. 2. According to the delivery time, we will arrange trailers, customs declaration, and dossiers, etc. When we arrange trailers, we will try our best to select clean and intact container. 3. After the ship departure, we will promptly notify the customer and provide relevant information. 4. Fo

By Presou 2024-04-08

Sea freight door-door

1. One-stop service Coordinate the time with the consignor, arrange door-to-door delivery; ensure that the goods arrive at the final location safely, smoothly and efficiently. 2. Global network There are long-term cooperative agents in major ports around the world, and excellent overseas teams; long-term commitment to door-to-door services on various global routes, first-class customs clearance capabilities and a complete warehousing system, providing reliable and punctual delivery anywhere in t