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The difference between dangerous goods and general goods export is that MSDS, transportation identification certificate, and dangerous goods certificate are required, and dangerous goods declaration is required. Dangerous goods for sea transportation require re booking 10 days in advance, as the shipping company needs to review the information before releasing space, our company will control the details such as the time node for you.

Generally divided into nine categories:
Category 1, explosives;
Category 2, gas;
Category 3, flammable liquids;
Category 4, flammable solids, self igniting substances, and substances that release flammable gases when exposed to water;
Category 5, oxidants and organic peroxides;
Category 6, toxic substances and infectious substances;
Category 7, radioactive materials;
Category 8, corrosive products;
Category 9, Miscellaneous; (For example: charged or pure battery type)

As a specialized logistics enterprise that has been deeply involved for many years, we guarantee that goods classified as dangerous goods can be safely transported to their destination in full compliance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations.