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By Presou 2024-04-18

CMA CGM launches trans-Pacific air route

On April 16, CMA CGM announced that it will launch trans-Pacific routes from Asia to North America in the summer of 2024. The opening of this strategic air transport route marks the accelerated development of CMA CGM Air Cargo.

CMA CGM will deliver two Boeing B777-200Fs this year to ensure that it meets the capacity needs of new routes. The first aircraft is scheduled to be delivered in June, ensuring that the trans-Pacific route can be operational before the peak transportation season this summer. The second aircraft will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2024 and will also be deployed on trans-Pacific routes.

The first Boeing B777-200F freighter will fly to Hong Kong, Chicago and Seoul airports. The second cargo plane will fly from mainland China to North America. The flight will be operated by Atlas Air.

The addition of two new freighters to the fleet and deployment on trans-Pacific routes marks another milestone in CMA CGM’s cargo network expansion strategy and paves the way for further development.

In the first quarter of 2025, CMA CGM will receive the delivery of its third Boeing B777-200F freighter, further strengthening the company's fleet and providing customers with more comprehensive network coverage and capacity support.

After the delivery of eight Airbus A350F freighters in 2026, CMA CGM will own and operate a global air transport network to meet the global logistics service needs of air cargo customers.

As the first customer of the Airbus A350 freighter, CMA CGM has chosen the most environmentally friendly aircraft on the market, further emphasizing CMA CGM’s commitment to the sustainable development of the transportation industry. The Airbus A350F model stands out with 20% lower CO2 emissions than directly competing aircraft. In addition, the Airbus A350 will be the only large freighter to comply with the carbon dioxide emission standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which will take effect in 2028.

CMA CGM has only been established for three years. Its professional strength has been widely recognized by the market. Its business covers scheduled flights (12 flights per week from Paris to Greater China and India), charter flights and outsourcing. It is also recognized by the market. A fleet of leading aircraft models and a professional air transport service team provide service guarantee.

CMA CGM has an exclusive booking system and business team that can provide comprehensive transportation solutions for various sensitive goods such as dangerous goods, temperature-controlled goods, perishable goods, live animals and high-value goods.

CMA CGM's fleet currently has two Boeing B777F freighters and three Airbus A330F freighters, with the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) hub as its operating base.

Two Boeing B777F freighters operate the Europe-Greater China route: five flights per week to Hong Kong and four flights to Shanghai.

Among the three Airbus A330F freighters currently in the fleet, two are leased out and the third flies on the "Paris-Charles de Gaulle-Mumbai-Guangzhou" route three times a week.

Damien Mazaudier, CEO of CMA CGM Cargo, said: “The opening of the trans-Pacific route opens up a new continent for our air cargo network. It is an important turning point in the company’s history and reflects the CMA CGM Group’s ambition to provide customers with comprehensive solutions. By With the opening of new routes, we will provide customers with more destination coverage on key routes. Today’s announcement marks the latest progress in our global business development plan, with the delivery of the most environmentally friendly freighter on the market, the Airbus A350F. , our business development will take another big step forward.”