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OOG-Special Cabinets Include Open-Top Cabinets, Frame Cabinets, And Freezers

Open top container: It is a type of container with an open top, suitable for loading large and heavy goods that require vertical loading and unloading, such as glass panels, steel products, machinery, etc. The height of the cargo can exceed the top of the box, and shipping companies generally accept cargo heights within 4 meters. The price of an open top container will vary depending on the height of the goods. The price for sizes that exceed the height of the container will be more expensive than those that do not. This is because the goods exceed the height of the container, which requires special arrangements by the shipping company and incurs additional costs.

FLAT RACK CONTAINER: It removes the box top and side walls on the basis of a regular cabinet. Its characteristic is that there is no box top and side walls, and sometimes even the end walls are removed, leaving only the bottom plate and four corners columns. The main cargo loaded in flat rack container are extra length, extra width, and extra height equipment, as well as heavier cargo. Our company is not only responsible for sea freight container of booking , but also provides services such as towing, warehouse loading, cargo loading and unloading, tying, reinforcement, and covering, as well as necessary materials (such as straps, rain cloth, etc .). All processes are under your control, and the most professional personnel provide services to ensure the safety and integrity of the goods, without accidents causing damage.

Reefer container: It is a container with a temperature range of -30 ℃ to+30 ℃, divided into two types: external and internal. The built-in container can start the freezer freely during transportation to maintain the specified temperature of the container; The external type, on the other hand, must rely on specialized container vehicles, ships, and refrigerators equipped at specialized yard stations for cooling.
This type of box is suitable for loading products that require constant temperature, such as food, meat, and special industrial products, such as butter, chocolate, frozen fish, apples, PVC film, flowers, etc.
The suitable temperature and ventilation size for different goods, for example, it is recommended to set the temperature of 3 degrees Celsius for fruits and turn off ventilation.
Our company has a refrigerated warehouse. If the customer needs to send the goods into the warehouse for container loading, we can also keep them intact in the warehouse and load them in container.