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FCL (Full Container Load)

Abbreviation: FCL (full container load). That is, each container contains goods from the same consignee. Regarding the entire container, we can not only provide general goods (DRY container), but also provide services for dangerous goods (DG container) and Oversized cargo (OOG container). We can arrange all the business from the origin to the destination together, covering: pickup, warehousing, booking, towing, customs declaration, inspection, documents, certificate of origin, destination port clearance, and delivery. We have established our own resource pool, and the cooperating institutions are all experienced and very professional. They are among the top enterprises in the industry, and our company truly achieves one-stop service. Solve all your worries.

If your requirement is to purchase goods from various regions in China, assemble them into a container, and ship them together to the destination port. There is no problem with this, we can do it, and many of the customers we are currently serving are based on this model. Process: After communicating with you about the delivery time, we will start contacting various shippers to gather the goods in our warehouse. After collecting all the goods, we will arrange the fastest ship and container to load your goods. During this period, we can provide you with loading pictures and report all the progress of the goods to you in a timely manner.