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RoRo car export
By Presou 2024-06-16

RoRo car export

In early April 2024, we received an inquiry from a foreign customer who wanted to import a large number of cars from China to Dubai. After learning about it, we found that the cars were of many models, sizes, and quantities. After several rounds of discussions internally and with customers, we decided to export them by roll-on/roll-off ships       

Ro-ro vehicles mainly carry cars, trucks, trailers, and small engineering vehicles. Anything with wheels can be carried. When loading, the vehicle needs to pass through the openings at the bow, stern or both sides of the ship and the gangway on the dock to drive the car into the cabin.

▶Advantages of Ro-ro transport:

●Low transportation cost;

●Simple loading method, no special reinforcement required;

●Easy customs supervision, the vehicle does not need to provide MSDS, dangerous goods identification, and dangerous goods declaration;

▶Disadvantages of Ro-ro transport:

●Ro-ro ships have few sailing schedules, one or two sailings a month;

●There are few ports that can be reached, and the destination ports are generally large ports;

●The sailing schedule is unstable, and it is easy to delay and leave late;

■Suitable for customers who do not have high requirements for timeliness, and those with large orders can choose it.

RoRo car export process:

1. Sign a foreign trade contract (overseas customers and overseas trading companies)

2. Overseas trading companies sign a purchase contract with domestic export companies (i.e. companies holding export licenses)

3. Domestic export companies (i.e. companies holding export licenses) inquire about prices from domestic car dealers

4. Overseas trading companies pay foreign exchange to domestic export companies (i.e. companies holding export licenses)

5. Domestic export companies (i.e. companies holding export licenses) pay car dealers after receiving payment

6. Car dealers handle transfer and license plate, vehicle inspection and export pending transfer after receiving payment

7. Domestic export companies (i.e. companies holding export licenses) apply for export licenses

8. Book a space with a shipping agent or shipping company

9. Transport the vehicle to a designated warehouse for loading

10. Maritime declaration & customs clearance

11. Ocean transportation

12. Overseas customs clearance

13. Overseas pickup

    If you have automobile import needs, please tell us and we can help you make various certificates required for export (automobile export license, MSDS certificate, etc.)