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By Presou 2024-05-10

Breaking news! Three MSC container ships were attacked again!

According to CCTV News, on May 9 local time, Yemeni Houthi spokesman Yahya Sarea made a televised speech saying that the Houthi armed forces attacked several ships related to Israel. Yahya Sarea said that the Houthi armed forces' targets included the "MSC DEGO" and "MSC GINA" in the Gulf of Aden. The organization also attacked the "MSC VITTORIA" twice in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea respectively. Sarea

By Presou 2024-04-29

U.S. Customs strictly checks! This type of goods is prohibited from being shipped!

Since April, customs inspection rates across the United States have surged, and as time goes by, this phenomenon has expanded from the United States to Canada, resulting in North American goods being subject to strict inspections upon arrival at the port. The industry is currently most concerned about the issue. According to a well-known U.S. customs clearance company, an important trigger of recent strict inspections is the crackdown on vague and non-compliant cargo descriptions. The U.