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Chinese cars going overseas
By Presou 2024-04-25

Chinese cars going overseas

In March 2024, we received a request from a Chinese new energy technology company to transport a batch of cars from Shenzhen to Jebel Ali Port in the United Arab Emirates, and each 40HQ container was required to load 3 cars. Because this model is relatively wide and long, it is difficult to ship. After receiving the order, we immediately designed a customized transportation plan for the customer to export the car from Shekou Port to Dubai Port to achieve fast and safe transportation services; our professional transportation team first based on the product photos and related information provided by the customer Information and timely preparation of relevant transportation plans for customers, including unloading, loading, reinforcement, and maritime customs declaration.

First, we cooperate to transport the car to our container loading yard

After we pick up the container, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection to see if there are any signs of deformation or damage;


After checking that there are no problems, we will reinforce and install the containers. The first car has been installed. We will take photos of all the containers installation processes for the customer.


Next, install the second car. The master who installed the containers is very experienced and will check the reinforcement details after installation to ensure that everything is flawless;


At the same time, also explain to our salesmen that the principles and reliability of such reinforcement allow us as salesmen to communicate with customers more professionally;

A container can hold 3 cars. With the last car loaded, the loading of this container is completed;


Our master pretends to be from day to night:


Share more loading details:






Finally, we helped the customer with customs declaration services and successfully released the ship. The ship sailed on 4.23 and is expected to arrive at Dubai Port on 5.10;

Shenzhen Presou Logistics has been engaged in international automobile logistics for many years. It has rich experience and professional level. It can provide customers with a full set of services such as document qualification processing, dangerous goods declaration, safe handling, packing and reinforcement for new energy vehicle transportation, and successfully completed this transaction. shipment service. We will continue to improve the transportation technology of automobiles, make the automobile and equipment logistics supply chain safe, economical and reliable, and reduce costs and increase efficiency for China's automobile "going out".

At present, we have transported cars made in China to the Middle East, Africa and South America. Next, we will continue to expand our business and provide better logistics services to customers around the world.