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By Presou 2024-05-31

Global port congestion intensifies! 2 million TEU capacity trapped! This freight rate is hopeless. The freight rate will increase again in June

Currently, Singapore has become the latest congestion hotspot. Singapore is the world's second busiest container port, and its congestion has reached a critical level, exacerbating the shortage of ships and containers. According to Linerlytica data, container ships must wait up to 7 days to berth in Singapore, and the total capacity waiting for berthing has risen to 450,000 TEUs in recent days. The bottleneck in Singapore is mainly due to diversions caused by the Red Sea crisis, and

By Presou 2024-05-10

Breaking news! Three MSC container ships were attacked again!

According to CCTV News, on May 9 local time, Yemeni Houthi spokesman Yahya Sarea made a televised speech saying that the Houthi armed forces attacked several ships related to Israel. Yahya Sarea said that the Houthi armed forces' targets included the "MSC DEGO" and "MSC GINA" in the Gulf of Aden. The organization also attacked the "MSC VITTORIA" twice in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea respectively. Sarea